Wonderfruit, a celebration of all things art, music, food, & life... and what better way to do so than with the whole family? So when the opening date rolled around, we pulled on our boots, slapped on our hats, and packed up the whole crew to immerse ourselves in the crazy, & colorful once-a-year experience that is making quite a name for itself in the global festival scene.  The fact that my mother lives just 20 minutes away is even more of a bonus, as we get to go home to a proper shower and sleep in comfy beds after the fun-filled but hot & dusty days in the sun. Maybe one day, we will try the on-site boutique camping or even our own RV, but for now, this situation is more than ideal. Plus, when Mommy & Daddy can drop the kids home at Grandma's and come back out to party all night, it's just PERFECT really!  

Right, back to the family adventure bit ;) I absolutely love the concept of this entire event and the emphasis on inclusion, participation and social responsibility, which are all concepts we aim to teach our kids. And to be able to do so with such diverse and rich experiences at every corner and in such a motivating and positive environment is one we look forward to doing every year with them.  We took our time exploring the sprawling fields, starting at Wonder Salon where we applied tribal face paint & tried on fantastic headdresses. From there, we let ourselves be drawn in whatever direction we could hear music, ranging from gentle tinkling wind chimes on a hidden island to the pumping beat from the psychedelic  DJ booth with LED mapping on which the kids made shadow puppets while we danced. When we needed a break, we just pulled up some pillows on the ground in a shady spot and snacked on french fries and pizza fresh out of the oven, then headed over to the Tikki bar for some ginger ale to wash it all down. Well, ginger ale for the kids and something a little stronger for us... 


Camp Wonder was always our final destination. Here we could let the kids run wild to explore all the amazing & eco-friendly interactive art installations, which organically changed and grew as the day progressed. I loved the idea of the kids being able to participate in this ever-evolving artistic expression. After adding a few more colored ribbons to the maze and some more splatters of paint to the canvas, we finally stretched out on the mats for a story-telling session and cooled off with fresh watermelon smoothies. Then it was a mad dash back to the Solar Stage to catch the epic sunset and the fire-dancers. We watched as the flames from their torches melted and blended into the dying light of the sun and finally surrendered to the night which brought with it even more fantastic adventures of its own for those who were ready and willing. But for us, we were all quite full; of music, of love & of life, and so we called it a day. Back to home to rest up for another wonder-filled day at Wonderfruit!

Packing for day of festival fun with the kids can be tricky. Heres what I had in my bag at Wonderfruit. 

For more info on the line-up & offerings of Wonderfruit happening 14-17 December, 2017, head over to www.wonderfruitfestival.com

photos by : byron bishop

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